Thursday, September 4, 2008

Agents, agents, agents

I've spent (and am still spending) many, many, oh so many hours researching agents for Wendy.

My computer is smoking, my search engines are on fire and within the next few days Wendy will be visiting some new and exciting locations across the World Wide Web!

The following links have been vital to the archaeological dig into the workings, lives and loves of literary agents who not only love children's middle grade fiction, but actually and truly will allow authors to query without referrals--imagine that!

Verla Kay's Blueboards are utterly fantastic, choked full of so much info, shared by so many wonderfully talented giving writers. is, according to their website, "the internet's largest and most current database of literary agents." I believe it. The site has oodle of info on searching for agents that are looking for specific genres and quality info on writing query letters. also lists agents. This site is interactive--you join (for free) and search agents (again specific to your genre) and you can tract your queries. I've only just begun this process on this site. It appears to be very comprehensive, it also shows statistics about agent.

Back to the vital sites....I'll post Wendy's travels as they occur.

Wish me luck.

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