Thursday, May 3, 2007


I received yet another rejection for WENDY. This is rejection number 3. Just a pre-printed form letter, no special handwritten comments, nope, just a copy of a Dear Author letter. Such is many rejection letters did JK Rowling receive??? More than 3! But I certainly will continue to send the manuscript out to editors and agents. I mean, in reality, a rejection is a good thing, right? After all, if I wasn't actually submitting, no one would be rejecting!

I'm reviewing the listing of editors and agents on my latest SCBWI market guide and still believe I'll continue to send WENDY to editors, not agents. Unless, I come across a spectacular sounding agent, just chomping at the bit for a novel like WENDY.

It also really, really helped to read this blog entry: The 8 Rules of Rejection

I'm going to add Editorial Anonymous to my fave blogs, excellent info in the archives.

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Granny Sue said...

If a person saves enough rejection slips, do they count as a publication?

Keep trying, Cheryl. It's a great story and someone will want it.

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