Friday, April 20, 2007

Workshop and Kettle Bottom

The writing workshop I attended this past weekend was everything I'd hoped it would be. I know have a clear direction for my research.

My first step (I've begun this one) is to research all the glass factories that were in operation during the late 1920s--the list seems to be extensive! This will lead me to digging into each factories history, practices, etc.. Which will then lead to deep history of the towns and counties surrounding the factories. Finally I'll choose a particular factory to use as a basis for my own fictional glass factory that would have attracted an experienced glass blower from Germany around 1927.

There are soooo many factors to consider. My biggest concern is my ability to glean enough info about the area/time period that I can equate my experiences in some way to that past.

I was enthralled by Diane Fisher--author of Kettle Bottom--a collection of poems set during the 1920s WV mine wars. Her readings immersed the listener into the lives of these Mingo county residents. Though the theme is inherently that of sadness, her words have the ability to emote a calmness and sense of peace.

Anyway, when doing her research for her book, Diane did exactly what I plan to do--she surrounded herself with all things related to her subject and time period. Simply put, Kettle Bottom is some of the best poetry in print.

So, I've started some online research, but I'm excited about hitting the WV archives next week. I need to stock up on legal pads and freshly sharpened pencils--I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

My dear sister...I LOVE that you are doing this...please continue, as I look forward to all your insights....and yes.. you are the smarter one!!
Love You!!!

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