Friday, September 26, 2008

Socks? No, not yet.

Nope. I'm not ready for socks. The book came, I ruffled through the pages, got intimidated, closed the book and decided that what I really needed was a poncho for myself.

The color is raspberry and it's moving along quite nicely.
This what the end result should look like.

I'm not sure about the pom-pom thingies across the bottom. They do serve a purpose--I think--to help weigh down the poncho, maybe, so it lays nicely? Whatcha think? Pom-poms or no pom-poms?

The pattern is in this book. Doesn't that cover wrap look lovely? I ordered this book online based solely on the amazing cover!

I haven't given up on the socks.

I mean, just look at those awesome socks! After the poncho is finished I'll give the book another whirl!


Janet said...

I'm not sure about the pom poms and I think you should make the socks, they'll keep your feet warm this winter when you're curled up in a chair reading your favorite book--or, better yet, when you're writing your book.

Anonymous said...

I think you should attempt the socks, if they dont turn out good, you can always send them to your nephews!! Im sure they would find good uses for them! : )

Anonymous said...

Nay on the pom-poms. Definetly. Hit the socks when you're ready - they're not going anywhere. The poncho is a great color!


tommy said...

fringes and tassels on leather jackets and chaps used to serve a purpose back in the day, but I never heard of cowboys using dangling pom-pom thingies...

Anonymous said...

actually the socks would be great for your immediate family - i find nephews/nieces never really like to receive those types of gifts.

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