Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunflower Christmas Tree

Yes, that's what I call this:

This sunflower "tree" stands about 8 feet tall and, along with several other sunflowers popped up in our vegetable garden. Mind you, this year I planted NO giant/mammoth sunflower seeds anywhere!

Last year I planted these:

Yes, that's Youngest Son standing in front of the garden for proportion purposes.

I also planted these next to the porch:

The seeds were called Mammoth Sunflowers--that they were!

This year I planted seeds for miniature sunflowers next to the porch. Maybe two plants came up.

I was pleasantly surprised to watch my sunflower tree grow and grow and add bloom after bloom. Unfortunately it's shaded the cucumber plants Husband planted. We've had one small cucumber so far. The vine has traveled up the sunflowers and is flowering. I'm hopeful we'll get a least a few more cukes--if it ever rains again.

Sunflowers are so easy to grow, even someone with a --what would be the opposite of a green thumb-- well, whatever it is, it's what I've got. My gardening and plant successes rank right up there with my cooking without a recipe successes.

Anyway, we've thoroughly enjoyed our "naturalization" sunflowers. Supplying the birds with the dried flower heads last year has rewarded us greatly.

I wonder what we'll have growing next year?

P.S. Did you know that there are two types of sunflower seeds--black oil and striped? I didn't. This website lists which birds prefer which seeds.


Winter said...

Amazing! I love growning sunflowers... I have never been able to get them that big...

Anonymous said...

My first attempt to grow sunflowers failed miserably. These pics make me want to try again next year.


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