Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bugs, lizards and such

Though I still cringe, these are some of the little pleasures of living in rural West Virginia. Some are simply creepy crawly:

Some are quite lovely:

And some I'll never get closer to then this:

Thanks to youngest son for posing this lizard. Oh, does anyone know what any of these are???

Of course I should know their names since Wendy is an insectomaniac. Okay, I believe the first one is an assassin bug and obviously the second is some sort of moth....


Granny Sue said...

Don't know the first, the second is a Luna moth, and the third is a lizard, of course :-) I don't know what kind either, but he's cute.

Andrea said...

Well, now I see that you've already got the only answer I know. The Luna moth. No help on the others either! Been meaning to get over this way before now, but here I am. Enjoyed it.

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