Friday, May 18, 2007

WENDY's travels

WENDY's hit the road, or the air, or something, again today. She's gone out to pub/editor number six. Another one who does not want an SASE..."we'll be in touch is we are interested." In other words, don't call us, we'll call you and if you don't hear from us by the time you die, just assume your manuscript was not right for us at this time. Yada, blah, blah and yada.

Big sigh....but, alas, also, big hopes.


Anonymous said...

Big hopes and crossed fingers, Cheryl. It will find a home.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear (and missed) sister...Im quite sure that someone will respond with a very big YES!!! I love your writings and Im sure there are many more just like your nephew Nicholas would say "I tried and tried again and now I do that!!"
lol :]

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