Friday, April 13, 2007

Writing workshop

I am very exciting about attending this workshop tonight and tomorrow. Weaving the Past and Present is exactly the kind of exercises I need for my novel.  I'm hoping to learn how to go about becoming a 16 year old  German immigrant in 1927! Since I've had trouble gleaning Brooklyn historical info I've been contemplating beginning the story in Brooklyn and having it move to West Virginia. Living here I have easy access to historical documents, etc., which should provide all the info I need.

I wonder if they'll serve coffee?

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Granny Sue said...

How were the workshops after noon? I really enjoyed the songwriting one with Kate Long and Pete Kosky. And Diane Fisher was excellent, really thought-provoking. somehow, though, I left feeling down, like I was resisting something these writers were trying to tell me. Maybe to dig deeper?

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