Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rain-soaked phone lines and modern marvels

It's been days and days since I've been able to get online for more than a few seconds at a time. One of the major "cons" of living down a rural road is having to deal with a dial up internet connection. And above ground phone/electric lines.

Since we've been rained on repeatedly (typical spring weather) my phone has not been reliable, contrary to the popular TV commercial promising a phone that always works. The wet lines produce static and steal my dial tone, leaving an ominous humming noise when I try to connect or make a phone call.

Today as the sun appeared briefly and brought cool, dry air to the dripping wet lines, the telephone repairman called. Seems to be working fine now, he said. Sure, I thought, the sun is out. I'll run more tests and call back later, he responded. More sun and 2 hours later he called. I could barely make out what he was saying due to the static, sounded like, Everything seems okay now, I'll call back tomorrow.

While I can, I check email, message boards, blogs, etc. all the while watching the sky grow gray and clouds roll in, the wind picks up--will my satellite become fuzzy from the impending storm--then I won't be able to watch the weather channel and find out when I'll get more rain and be left stranded with no phone line and no internet connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaahhhh, life has become so complicated. Let's step outside and breathe some clean fresh country air---phew--fresh manure. The scent brings an awakening. I'm a writer who lives surrounded by breath taking beauty--turkeys, honeybees, daffodils, and pew-fresh manure. What more, besides pencil and paper do I really need?

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