Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brooklyn research help needed

Yesterday I picked up ALL the books I'd ordered from the library about Brooklyn. (I had to make two trips to my car there was sooo many.) I'd hoped to find insight into life in Brooklyn circa 1927. Well, I did find some amazing photos, which I am in the processing of learning how to upload to my blog so they're large enough to actually be seen and enjoyed.

After spending hours perusing these books of great knowledge I still was unable to feel comfortable submerging myself in 1927 Brooklyn. I must glean enough info so as to become my grandmother at 16 as she embarks upon this new and exciting life. I've given myself a deadline of the end of this month. Become a 16 year old German immigrant living in Brooklyn/Williamsburgh at the end of the 1920s or change the end result location of the book--to a place more readily available for research.

My character profiles are coming along and I'll post them as they develop.

I guess I must mention that if anyone out there has any sage words of wisdom or advice on my research dilemma, my inbox is alway open!

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